Jul 19, 2013


1) According to EU new Nuclear Safety rules ,for how many years European countries to submit to an international review of their nuclear power systems to fix any discovered shortcomings ?
Ans:- Six

2) What is the name of the whistleblower who exposed the US Government’s internet spy program and who is being wanted by the CIA presently?
Ans:- Edward Snowden

3) Which country recently became the first European and NATO member country to make military services obligatory for males as well as the females?
Ans:- Norway

4) Which country Lower House Parliament on 11 June 2013 approved the anti-gay bill that bans providing children any information about homosexuality in the country ?
Ans:- Russia

5) World leaders on 8 June 2013 signed a global agreement to fight malnutrition in children and made commitments of up to 4.15 billion dollars to tackle under nutrition up to ——— ?
Ans:- 2020

6) Which South American country witnessed tens of thousands of protestors taking part in marches and demonstrations in large cities of the country on 17 June 2013?
Ans:- Brazil

7) The 39th Summit of G-8 (Group of Eight Developed Nations) was held on 17 and 18 June 2013 at ——– ?

Ans:- Lough Erne, Northern Ireland

8) Which Indian city will host the 29th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (India chapter) to be held here in November 2013?
Ans:- Kochi, Kerala

9) Which global rating agency on 12 June 2013 revised India’s sovereign credit outlook from negative to stable, thus bringing cheer to the union government?
Ans:- Fitch

10) Tata Coffee, the largest plantation company of Asia on 19 June 2013 inaugurated the premium extraction plant at ———– ?
Ans:- Theni near Madurai in Tamil Nadu

11) Which bank in Zurich on 20 June 2013 unveiled that the Indian money in Swiss banks dropped to record low at 9000 crore Rupees ?
Ans:- Swiss National Bank (SNB)

12) The World Bank report released on 3 June 2013 forecasted that India and China will become largest investors of the world in the year ——- ?
Ans:-  2030

13) Which country on 3 June added some more items, including gems and jewellery to its list of items prohibited for trade with North Korea,directly or indirectly ?
Ans:- India

14) The government hiked the import duty on Gold and Platinum on 05 June 2013. What is the present import duty?
Ans:- 8 percent

15) How many mini LIC offices were inaugurated by Finance Minister P. Chidambaram on 25 June 2013?
Ans:- 300