Mar 20, 2013


1 Which Tech giant has recently launched tab computer called “Nexus”?
A) Samsung
B) Apple
C) Google

2 Real estate developer True Value Homes (TVH) has signed which sportsman as its new brand ambassador?
A) Sachin Tendulkar
B) Viswanathan Anand
C) Saina Nehwal
D) Mahendra Singh Dhoni

3 Which in the list was termed as the fastest computer in the world recently?
A) Sequoia
B) K Computer
C) SuperMUC
D) Tianhe-1A

4 Auto Giant BWM has signed which sportsman as its new brand ambassador recently?
A) Sachin Tendulkar
B) Viswanathan Anand
C) Saina Nehwal
D) Mahendra Singh Dhoni

5 “Enrique Peña Nieto” has been recently elected as President of which country?
A) Brazil
B) Paraguay
C) Argentina
D) Mexico

6 Recently Scientists have discovered Higgs-Boson particle. It is also known as?
A) Quantum Particle
B) God Particle
C) High mass Particle
D) None of these

7 “Lee Hsien Loong” has recently visited India in July 2012. He is President of?
A) Thailand
B) Malaysia
C) Singapore
D) Philipines

8 Which fomer Chief Minister has recently got clean chit from Supreme Court in Disproportionate
asset case?
A) Mayawati
B) Mulayam Singh Yadav
C) M. Karunanidhi
D) Vilasrao Deshmukh

9 After Pranab Mukherjee’s exit from active politics, who has been appointed as the third
chairman of EGoM to fix reserve price of spectrums?
A) Sharad Pawar
B) P. Chidambaram
C) Kapil Sibal
D) Anthony

10 India’s unemployment rate for 2010-11 stood at?
A) 4.5%
B) 3.8%
C) 5.5%
D) 4.8%

1 Ans) Google
2 Ans) Viswanathan Anand
3 Ans) Sequoia
4 Ans) Sachin Tendulkar
5 Ans) Mexico
6 Ans) God Particle
7 Ans) Singapore
8 Ans) Mayawati
9 Ans) P. Chidambaram
10 Ans) 3.8%

11 Pranab Mukherjee has been recently elected as the ____ th President of India?
A) 12th
B) 13th
C) 15th
D) 14th

12 Which Indian Bank has taken step to form India’s first Mortgage guarantee entity just like other
developed countries?
B) National Housing Bank
C) LIC Housing

13 Which only Indian President won the Presidential Election without any contest?
A) APJ Abdul Kalam
B) Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy
C) Rajendra Prasad
D) Pratibha Patil

14 Eminent Freedom Fighter and social activist Captain Lakshmi Sehgal passed away in Kanpur on
23 July 2012. She was one of the most important members of S C Bose’s Indian National Army. She
contested Presidential election in 2002 against whom?
A) APJ Abdul Kalam
B) Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy
C) Rajendra Prasad
D) Pratibha Patil

15 Which Country is the largest producer of Cocoa which is mainly used for Chocolate?
A) Ghana
B) Ivory Coast
C) Kenya
D) Zimbabwe

16 Leader of National Advisory Council, responsible for monitoring the implementation of the UPA
government’s manifesto, the Common Minimum Programme(CMP)?
A) Sonia Gandhi
B) Kausik Basu
C) Pranab Mukherjee
D) Manmohan Singh

17 Who has been elected as the new Prime Minister of Egypt?
A) Hosni Mubarak
B) Hisham Kandil
C) Mohamed Morsi
D) None of these

18 International donor conference on Afghanistan was held recently to donate funding for
Afghanistan development. It was held in?
A) Kabul
B) Tokyo
C) Hong Kong
D) Singapore

19 Which country will host the 4th Champions League T20 in October this year?
A) India
B) Australia
C) South Africa
D) England

20 QFI (Qualified Foreign Investment) is regulated in India by?
B) Financial Action Task Force

Current Affairs July 2012 Quiz – 2 Answers
11 Ans) 13th
12 Ans) National Housing Bank
13 Ans) Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy
14 Ans) APJ Abdul Kalam
15 Ans) Ivory Coast
16 Ans) Sonia Gandhi
17 Ans) Hisham Kandil
18 Ans) Tokyo
19 Ans) South Africa
20 Ans) Financial Action Task Force

21 India’s cricket control board BCCI has recently suspended which Madhya Pradesh and Deccan
Chargers bowler for life term after he was found guilty of receiving money to spot fix a match in
domestic cricket?
A) Mohnish Mishra
B) Shalabh Srivastava
C) T. Sudhindra
D) Amit Yadav

22 Which global bank has been recently fined for LIBOR scandal and their CEO resigned?
A) Barclays

23 Which global bank is under investigation in US for its alleged involvement in money laundering
A) Barclays

24 Current UP Government has renamed “Panchsheel Nagar” district as?
A) Sambhal
B) Amethi
C) Amroha
D) Hapur

25 India’s which travel portal has recently acquired Travelguru, Indian arm of US travel services
provider Travelocity?
A) Yatra
B) MakemyTrip
C) Easemytrip
D) None of these

26 India’s export growth for May 2012 stood at?
A) -4.16%
B) 4.16%
C) 4.76%
D) -5.5%

27 Which pharmacy giant has been recently investigated by US authority for healthcare fraud case?
A) Pfizer
B) Glaxo Smith Kline
C) Johnson & Johnson
D) Glenmark

28 India’s core sector growth for May 2012 stood at?
A) 2.2%
B) 5.8%
C) 4%
D) 3.8%

29 Which has come out to be the no. 1 player in the India’s domestic smart phone market with
40.4% market share during the January-March quarter 2012?
A) Nokia
B) Samsung
D) Apple

30 Who won the Women’s single title in Wimbledon 2012 recently?
A) Serena Williams
B) Maria Sarapova
C) Venus Williams
D) Agnieszka Radwanska

Current Affairs July 2012 Quiz – 3 Answers
21 Ans) T. Sudhindra
22 Ans) Barclays
23 Ans) HSBC
24 Ans) Hapur
25 Ans) Yatra
26 Ans) -4.16%
27 Ans) Glaxo Smith Kline
28 Ans) 3.8%
29 Ans) Samsung
30 Ans) Serena Williams

1. Wrestler-actor who died recently at the age of 84 ?
“Rustam-E-Hind” Dara Singh

2. How is Oscar Pistorius known in the sporting world?
An athlete who would compete in London Olympics (individual 400 metres and 4 * 400relay)

3. Who will replace Mark Thompson as BBC director general in August 2012?
George Entwistle

4. Which Indian PSU bank recently setup its Security Operation Centre?
United Bank of India

5. Harvard Business Review has featured which ho me appliances maker as one of the 6th most
successful sales and marketing company in the world?
Eureka Forbes

6. Which country announced 16.7 billion in extra taxes on big business and rich to meet deficit targets
and balance its budget by 2017?

7. Shadow of what has been clicked by scientists with an effort lasting more than 5 years?
Single Atom

8. Name the movie shot by kannada director Arvind Kaushik in a record 2 hours.
Nam Areiali Innondhina

9. Which football team is set to file IPO in New York Stock Exchange?
Manchester united

10. Where does India stand on global innovation index rank as it drops 2 positions from
existing one?
64th rank

11. Expand FTII. (Hint: Film)
Film and Television Institute of India

12. India will sign an audio-visual co-operation agreement with which country to increase cooperation in filmmaking, screening and student exchange programmes?

13. From which part of India does Srilanka-based Mihin Lanka Airlines will operate flights
to Colombo?
Madurai, Tamil Nadu

14. Which mobile network recently launched Flat 30p plan for its customers in India?
Sistema Shyam Teleservices Ltd. which operates under MTS brand

15. Who is elected India’s 13th President?
Pranab Mukherjee Read More

16. Name the project of Mozilla which is workin g on Mobile Operating System, firefox OS.
Boot to Gecko project

17. What quantity o f wheat would be exported to ease storage crunch in India?
2 million tonnes

18. Who is appointed as Chairman for Australian and New Zealand operations by Mahindra Satyam?
Edward Ted Pretty

19. Which PSU bank has waived off minimum balance criteria for savings b ank account?
State Bank of India

20. How many IPO’s worth 50,500 crores were called off in 18 months?

21. Thomas Cook recently expanded its presence in which Indian state?

22. Who will become the first Australian to compete at 7 Summer Olympics Games?
Andrew Hoy

23. Bollywood’s first superstar who dies recently at 69 ?
Superstar Rajesh Khanna

24. Why is the Mohanlal star rer movie ‘Spirit’ exempted from tax?
Film creates awareness on social issues faced b y the society due to increase in liquor consumption

25. Where will the Under-19 World Cup 2012 be played and who will lead Indian team?
Australia, Unmukt Chand

26. Who is elected as President of the Indian Medical Association for Bihar state for the year 2012 -13?
Paediatrician Dr.Arun Kumar

27. Who won the Irish Open 2012 title?
Welshman Jamie Donaldson

28. Who will become the first Indian woman and 5th sportsperson to be conferred with Lt.Colonel rank?
MC Mary Kom

29. How do we know Bob Diamond with respect to b anking domain?
Ex-CEO of Barclays

30. Name the Chief Operating Officer of Barclays who quit recently.
Jerry del Missier

31. Who released comic book based -on chef mafias recently?
Anthon y Bourdain

32. Who was named player of Euro 2012?
Magisterial Iniesta

33. Which Indian state will setup 200 hi-tech mini-dairy units to boost milk production?

34. Which Indian Union Territory has been included in Indian Science Congress Association’s chapter?

35. What is the length of world’s longest cable-stayed bridge built by Russia?
1,104 meter link Valdivostok and Russk y Island

36. Who won against Usain Bolt in the 200 metres final event?
Yohan Blake

37. What is the budget estimates for Manipur state set for 2012 -2013?
Rs.3,500 crore

38. How man y listed companies on BSE and NSE will be facilitated with electronic voting by their shareholders for all postal ballot resolutions?
Top 500 listed companies

39. Name the Barclays chairman who quit recently.
Marcus Agius

40. Which of India’s forest area has been added to list of world heritage sites by the United
Nations Organisation?
1,600km long Western Ghats

41. Australia is set to play an ODI against which emerging cricket nation in Middle East in August 2012?

42. Expand GGCL. (Hint: Gas)
Gujarat Gas Company Limited

43. Where is the National Electrical Summit 2012 scheduled in India?
Vadodara, Gujarat

44. Name the Baroda state’s visionary ruler whose 150th birth anniversary would be celebrated by FGI
Business Centre.
Sayajirao Gaekwad III

45. Who is the Indian business person among 27 global leaders appointed b y the United Nations to
eliminate malnutrition?
Vinita Bali

46. Which state boards in India are suggested b y State Bank of India to be listed?
State Electricity Boards

47. Expand NDS-OM. (Hint: Order)
Negotiated Dealing System Order-Matching

48. Who won the Mexico presidency elections?
Enrique Pena Nieto

49. People earning over what value of income should now file income tax returns electronically in India?
Rs.10 lakh and above

50. Travelguru will be acquired by which company?

51. What value worth agreement did Egypt sign with Saudi-based Islamic Development
Bank to receive energy and food imports?
$1 billion

52. Who sworn in as the 27th Chief Minister of Karnataka?
Jagdish Shettar

53. Who is sworn-in as Hong Kong leader by Chinese President Hu Jintao?
Leung Chun-ying

54. Which state recently launched a financial aid scheme for HIV/AIDS patients poor family with the
assistance of Rs.1,000 per month for medical treatment?

55. Expand AIDWA. (Hint: Women)
All India Democratic Women’s Association

56. Which state will observe July 2012 as anti-dengue month?

57. Expand IIAS. (Hint: Arsenic)
International Institute of Arsenic Studies

58. Over what value of annual turnover will imp act private tuition providers to pay 12% tax out of the
Rs.10 lakh

59. Who won and retained European Championship title 2012?

60. Who won the Euro 2012 Golden Boot?
Fernando Torres

61. What percentage of growth did Nagaland register over 2011 -2012 annual plan?

62. Name the concert held in Bangkok, Thailand on June 21st 2012 to celebrate World Music Day.
Handshake Concert

63. Where was the global agri-business meet 2012 held?
Shangai, China

64. List some of the new services which are under 12% service tax category.
Speed Posts, Express Parcels
1st class and air-conditioned travel b y railways
Travel and holiday
tickets bought from online portals
Taking GMAT and
GRE tests
Passport and Visa services
Currency exchange Mutual fund exit loads
Actors, Singers and Other performers
Entry fee for conference, seminars, workshops, sport and cultural events
Services of Fashion Designers, marriage bureaus, astrologers and numerologists

65. Which services from railways are exempted from service tax starting July 1st 2012?
Passenger fare and freight

66. What is the extra second added to UTC known as?
Zulu time

67. Who now owns a joint stake in Tata Group’s Life Insurance?
Hong Kong-based AIA Group, Tata AIA Life In surance

68. Which state’s Driving License would now indicate the person as ‘Organ Donor’?

69. Which newspaper launched its website in Chinese language?
The New York Times

70. Who has been appointed as UK government’s Chief Scientific Advisor?
Prof Sir Mark Walport

71. What is the name of the weight-loss pill approved by US health regulators which can help people to
lose on average of 5% of their body weight?

72. Who has been appointed as United States first Ambassador to Burma in 22 years?
Derek Mitchell

73. Expand IPCC
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

74. In which year IPCC was awarded Nobel Peace Prize for “their efforts to build up and disseminate
greater knowledge about man-made climate change”?

75. What is the significance of Montreal Protocol?
An International treaty d esigned to protect the ozone layer b y phasing out the production of numerous substances believed to be responsible for ozone depletion.

76. What was the objective of International environment treaty UNFCCC?
To stabilize greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that would prevent dangerous
anthropogenic interference with the climate system.

77. Which is the only remain ing signator y who has not ratified Kyoto Protocol?
United States of America (USA)

78. When was the Indian National Congress established?
28th December 1885

79. Who was responsible for establishing Indian National Congress?

80. Who was the first president of Indian National Congress (INC)?

81. What is the meaning of the word ”Congress”?
Assembly of the People

82. Who suggested the word Congress for “Indian National Congress”?
Dadabhai Naoroji

83. When was East Indian Association formed?

84. What is the significance of “Durand Line Agreement” between the Colonial British India and
Afghanistan which was established in 1893?
An agreement not to exercise interference beyond the frontier line between Afghanistan and colonial
British India (Now Pakistan)

85. When was the National Geographic Society established?
1888 in United States

86. Why don’t we feel the movement of earth?
Because the spinning and orbital speed of the earth stays the same so acceleration or deceleration is
not felt

87. Where will you end up, if you are in Jaisalmer (In dia) and you are able to dig through the Earth?
Easter Island

88. What was the result of collision of Indian Plate with the Eurasian Plate?
The formation of Himalayas

89. What is the other name given to the world’s largest island “Greenland”?
Kalaallit Nunaat

90. Which part of the land of the world is said to be the lowest point?
It is at the Dead Sea on the border o f Israel and Jordan 1312 feel below sea level

91. Which is the world’s third -tallest mountain?
Kanchenjunga, Nepal/Tibet

92. What are pouched mammals called?

93. Which is the smallest mammal in the world?
Bumblebee bat weighs 1. 98 grams

94. Name the organelles present in the eukaryotic cells which are responsible to metabolize and
eliminate toxic substance from the cells?
Perox isome

95. What are the basic functions of Lymphatic Sy stem in Human Body?
To defend the body against foreign or ganisms such as bacteria and virus and to transport interstitial
fluid and substances from the digestive system into the blood stream

96. What is the name given to the bone of the fingers or toes?

97. Which type of fish feeds on ocean vegetation or corals?

98. Which is the largest species of turtle alive today?
Leatherback Turtle which can reach a total length of 8.2 feet with a weight of 680kgs

99. What is the permanent memor y built in computer called?

100. VIRUS stands for?
Vital Information Resource under Siege

101. How are data organized in a spreadsheet?
Rows and Columns

102. What is the process used to recall a document saved previously called?

103. The term that we use to describe physical components of a computer is called?

104. Which command reboots a computer?

105. Expand WWW.
World Wide Web

106. “Zipping” a file means?
Compressing the Message

107. What is objective of UPS?
Provides backup power

108. Modem speeds are measured in ____

109. MPIS stands for?
Million Instructions per Second

110. Numbers are stored and transmitted inside a computer in _______ form

111. What is the address given to a computer connected to a network called?
IP Address

112. Biometric is a _____device.

113. Memory is made up of ?
Thousands of cells

114. Who built the first mechanical calculator?

115. The basic operations performed by computer are?
Arithmetic, Logical & Storage operations

116. Which combination of keys needs to be pressed to make a percent sign?

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