Jan 3, 2014

India’s Supercomputer, PARAM Yuva-II ranked 1 in India

PARAM Yuva-II India’s supercomputer rated 1st in India, 9th in the Asia Pacific Region and 44th in the world among the most power efficient computer systems as per the Green500 List.
It was announced at the Supercomputer Conference (SC 2013) in Denver, Colorado, US.
PARAM Yuva-II was developed by the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC).
C-DAC is the second organization worldwide to have carried out the Level 3 measurement of Power versus Performance for the Green500 List
PARAM Yuva – II uses hybrid technology, processor, co-processor and hardware accelerators.
PARAM uses hybrid technology to provide the peak compute power of 520.4 Teraflop/s using 210 kilowatt power.
The interconnect network comprises of homegrown PARAMNet-III and Infiniband FDR System Area Network.
This system is designed to solve large and complex computational problems.
The system has 200 Terabytes of high performance storage, and requisite system software and utilities for parallel applications development.
About Supercomputers
• A Super computer is the fastest type of computers that is typically used for scientific and engineering applications which handles very large databases or does a great amount of computation or both.
• In general Supercomputers consume a lot of electrical power and produce much heat.
• To reduce heat, it requires elaborate cooling facilities, which increases the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of a supercomputer.
• Green500 ranks computer systems in the world according to compute performance per watt and providing a world ranking based on energy efficiency.
• Energy consumed by supercomputers is measured at various Levels L1, L2, and L3.

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