Feb 4, 2014

USA allowed Sikh military men to wear turban

USA Sikh Army Man

USA allowed the Sikh military men to wear turbans, head scarfs and other religious clothing with their uniform. USA updated its policy on 23 January 2014. This move is likely to improve military job prospects for members of the Sikhs community in USA.
Although, the ban has not put off completely, instead USA army has put some relaxation. Citing the security issues and military discipline, it has granted individualised accommodations to serve in the U.S. Army while wearing turbans and maintaining beards in a neat and conservative manner, both in accordance with operational requirements and their Sikhs religious beliefs. Whenever a service member requests such an accommodation it could be denied only if an official determines that mission accomplishment needs outweigh the need of the service member and each request will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. The Sikhs community was also allowed to wear protective equipment, including helmets and gas masks, in conformity with safety requirements.
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