Jan 6, 2014

Imomali Rakhmon Reelected as the President of Tajikistan


Central Election Commission (CEC) of Tajikistan on 6 November 2013 declared that Imomali Rakhmon was re-elected as the President of Tajikistan.Imomali Rakhmon belongs to People’s Democratic Party of Tajikistan (PDPT).
The President of Tajikistan is elected by popular vote. The term of the office is 7 years.
The term of the President of Tajikistan is limited to not more than two terms. However, a constitutional amendment passed in 2003 allows President Imomali Rakhmon to run for a third term which, if he prevails, would keep him in office until 2020.
About Imomali Rakhmon
• Imomali Rakhmon was born as Imomali Sharipovich Rahmanov to a peasant family in Kulob, Kulob Oblast (present-day Khatlon province) in Tajikistan.
• He was served in the Soviet Armed Forces from 1971-74.
• He has served as Tajikistan’s head of state since 1992 and as President since 1994.
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