Jan 6, 2014

Loya Jirga gave consent on Afghan-US Bilateral Security Agreement

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The Loya Jirga, Afghanistan’s Grand Assembly of tribal elders and elite persons on 24 November 2013 gave its consent on the issue of signing the Afghan-US Bilateral Security Agreement that would pave the way for the continuation of some US troops in the country after 2014.
2500 member traditional Loya Jirga after three days of deliberations adopted a 31-point resolution approving the proposed agreement and called upon Afghan President to sign the document by the end of the 2013.
However, Afghan President put forward conditions for signing the agreement with the United States.
The United States wants the agreement to be signed before the end of the 2013, but the Afghan President has been saying that it may be signed after the presidential elections in Afghanistan in April 2014. The US is to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan next year (2014).
About Loya Jirga
The Afghan constitution of 2003 constituted a Loya Jirga, made up of both houses of parliament and elected heads of regional administrations, with the power to amend the constitution, impeach the president and decide matters of national sovereignty.
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