Jan 27, 2014

President’s Police Medal

His Excellency the President of India has been pleased to award 16 Railway Protection Force (RPF)/Railway Protection Special Force (RPSF) personnel for their exemplary services on the occasion of Republic Day, 2014.
President’s Police Medal for Distinguished Service to:
1. Shri S.C.Sinha, CSC/WCR
2. Shri Nirmal Singh, CSC, NFR
3. Shri Rajpal Singh, SIPF/NR
Indian Police Medal for Meritorious Service to:
1. Shri G.K,Dash, IPF, ECoR
2. Shri T.R.Das, ASC/NFR
3. Shri Vijay Kumar Yadav, SIPF/NER
4. Shri Subedar Singh, ASIPF/NER
5. Shri C.S.Dwivedi, IPF/ WCR
6. Shri Pradeep Tiwari, SIPF/ WCR
7. Shri A. Vardhan, ASI/ NFR
8. Shri Puran Mal Yadav, SIPF/ WR
9. Shri L .V.Krishnarnoorthy, IPF(M)/ RP SF
10. Shri P. Satya Narayana, ASI (E)/ RPSF
11. Shri Brahma Nand Pareek, ASI (E)/ RPSF
12. Shri U.N.Mishra, ASI/ ER
13. Shri Ravi Shankar Singh, IPF/ ECR
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