Jan 11, 2017

Current Affairs (June to November)2016

Current Affairs

1. The refendrum on ‘Brexit’ is on June 23. What is brexit which has been in news?________ Britian Exit(from European Union)

 2. The Kanha , pench tiger reserves and its corridor are currently in debate. In which state they are located? _________Madhya Pradhesh

 3. Where is the proposed controversial Nainpur and Balghat narraw railway gauge? _________Madhya Pradesh

4. Rafale deal is still in negotiation. It was signed by India and _________?France

5. Donald trump, nominated for the US presidential election is from _________political party? Republican

6. Gulbarg Society killings, Brutal communal killing of 69 people in Gujarat was in _________year?2002

7. Reserve Bank of India gave permission to set up payment banks to _________entities? 11

8. Vodafone m pesa which got permission to set up _________bank in india was hugely successful in Kenya in that field. Payment bank

 9. UN is against Indian Penal Code(IPC) 377 that criminalize LGBTI acts. Expansion is _________Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Intersex acts

10. The bank which will facilitate savings and withdrawals but won’t lend money as loans is called as _________Payment Bank

11. The PM of India and the president of the US signed a _________dollars US - India clean energy initiative and a _________dollars US-India catalytic solar finance program. 20 million and 40 million

12. Where was Shangri la dialogue event taken place_________? Singapore

13. Where is the next SCO meet which will take place on June 23-24? Tashkent

 14. India is in a bid to be the member of nuclear supplier group. How many countries are there in NSG? 

 15. India’s foreign secretary is _________?S. Jaishankar

 16. Kaziranga national park in Assam is famous with _________animal? One horned Rhino

 17. _________is the name of the solar powered airplane wich started from UAE on a global circling voyage? Solar impulse 2

18. Proposed 122nd constitutional amendment bill is for _________GST

19. What is 119th constitutional amendment bill_________? LBA between India and Bangladesh

20. The 99th constitutional amendment bill is for NJAC. The expansion of NJAC is _________?National Judicial Appointment Commission

21. How many countries are there in UN permanent security council_________? 5

 22. The man eater tiger Sultan was in news and debate. He was in which tiger reserve of Rajasthan? _________Ranthampore, Rajasthan

 23. The aim of Indian government’s initiative to allow birth companions in public facilities is to _________? Reduce Infant mortality rate and maternal mortality rate

 24. Who is the Chief of IMF_________? Christine Legarde 2

25. _________committee submitted its report on suggestions to reform BCCI? Lodha Committee

26. _________is the minimum capital requirement of payment bank?100 crore

 27. By the RBI guideline the maximum deposit a customer can deposit in payment bank is____? 1 lakh

28. The Environment ministry gave permission to Bihar to kill _________animal a species of antelope also called as blue bull to prevent farm crop damage. Nilgai

 29. _________is the virtual currency circulated through internet? Bitcoin

 30. In _________country is Rio De Jeneiro where Rio Olympics 2016 will take place from Aug 5?

 31. _________will be India’s flag-bearer in Rio Olympics? Abinav Bindra

 32. _________is the capital of South korea where NSG plenary (Nuclear supplier group) will take place this month? Seoul

 33. _________is the island India handed over to Sreelanka in 1972? Katchatheevu

34. _________is the Chairperson of Central Board of Film Certification? Pahlaj Nihlani

35. _________was the film which successfully got permission from the Bombay court after CBFC denied the 
permission to screen it by citing the fact that it doesn’t affect the sovereignty of India? Udta Punjab

36. India built a _________crore dam in Afganisthan in Herat province? 1700

 37. _________is the name for the LED based Domestic Efficient Lighting program (DELP) by Ministry for power, coal and new and renewable energy. The program successfully runs over 120 cities in India? Ujala

38. Narendra Modi Launched _________mobile application for farmers to provide information on subjects such as weather, market prices, seeds and so on? Kisan Suvidha Mobile application

 39. Now _________number of countries can obtain e tourist visa to visit India? 150
40. SC ruled that Private sector bank employees should be treated as private servants. What will the effect of the above verdict? CBI will be able examine frauds and scams involving private banks operating in the country.

41. _________is the name of UNESCO’s pre school animation series to support girls’ education globally? Rainbow ruby

42. Missouri state court of the US ordered _________company to pay compensation of 72 million dollars to the family of a child who died of ovarian cancer due to the use of company’s talc based baby powder and shower to shower.? Johnson and Johnson

 43. _________took charge as the National Human rights commission of India Chairperson? HL Dattu

44. The earth hour was observed globally on ______from 8.30 pm to 9.30 PM local time? 19 march 2016

 45. Since April 2016, Base rate is replaced by _________which has to be complied by all commercial banks 
in India? MCLR (Marginal costs of Funds based Lending Rate)

 46. _________is the commercial wing of ISRO? Antrix Corporation

 47. In India who has the right to promulgate ordinances? _________President

 48. _________is electing Public sector bank Chiefs? Bank Board Bureau

49. Dalai Lama is the spiritual and political leader of which place _________? Tibet

50. In which part of India, India gave asylum to Dalai Lama? _________Dharmasala

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